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The future of sexual healthcare

We’re Family Medicine Doctors working to make Healthcare more Convenient and Accessible so you don’t have to worry.

Our job starts and ends with You: understanding Your Needs, so We can offer You Healthcare options that make sense.

We’re app-based healthcare focused on making Sex Safer by Testing and Treating Gonorrhea and Chlamydia at your Home

Birth Control

We ask screening questions and facilitate a video call with a certified physician to give you the right medication for you.

STD Screening and Testing

Select a kit and answer a brief screening survey to determine if this kit is right for you.

Receive the kit, take a urine or blood specimen, and mail it with prepaid shipping to our lab partners.

Be notified when results are available. If positive, we will schedule a call with a certified physician to determine the best treatment option. We then mail the treatment directly to your door - at no additional cost.

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